Saryn is the Queen of clearing out a low level Defense Mission. Of course, there is more to her than dominating and clearing a low level defense mission. This would be different for everyone but most game users prefer to rate Saryn war frame on how long it can solo Molt in the void (aka T4 survivals). They argue that this really exposes weak frames for them. But running Saryn with Lesion and condition overload in T4 survival isn’t equally as good. You would be better building Saryn for maximum range, high strength and long lasting duration, this way you can easily cast Spore once and as long as you keep killing, enemies will be pouring in and sustaining her spore. Soloing T4 survival is too narrow. Warframe is best experience as a team game with friends and not a solo game.
For most users who are Saryn game lovers they alternate between Saryn and Silva. For those who are not so sure how it works, Saryn prime 1 and 4 ability applies viral damage which is amplified by condition overload, giving condition overload 180% damage instead of the normal 120%, using your 3 instantly pops up toxin bubbles from 1 and instantly applies toxin to your enemies. Playing Saryn as a toxin melee predator is equally as cool. You could use Steel Fiber and a Guardian Arcane, the latter is not a game changer, but it is one hell of a meanie and a comfort to use.
The Saryn Prime is the upgraded modification of Saryn, she possesses higher armor, greater energy capacity, improved health feature and increased sprint speed as well as further polarity.
The abilities of the Saryn prime includes
Spores: The spores of the Saryn Prime inflict enemies with viral damage over time, destroying the spore will spread it to enemies within range of the spore.
Molt: The Saryn Primes sheds her skin almost in a snake like manner, this enables her to be able to leave a decoy behind which deflects attention from her and draws fire from enemies.
Toxic lash: When the toxic lash is activated, the melee combo strikes and burst spores, causing them to spread to targets.
Miasma: Saryn pollutes the environment with a mortally venomous haze that destroys all enemies in range. It further inflicts additional damage to enemies under toxin and viral effects.
The Saryn prime color comes in a variety of unique and exciting color schemes; she’s honestly so much fun to choose color for. You can go for a “vampire inspired” look, by maybe choosing a dark hue of red an matching it with tint color 3 for the purpose of getting that authentic blood look for her abilities. The most common Saryn Prime colors for most gamers are Nova, Valkyrie and Oberon. Also, you can choose some color pickers and coordinates (rows 1-18, columns A-E) that would best fit. In addition you should note that you should always choose an energy color that matches the color frame itself.